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Polyester Fiber Wedge, Polyester Glass Fiber Wedge, Polyester Fibre Wedge. 发布时间:2019-06-10 13:07:00

Polyester Fiber Wedge, Polyester Glass Fiber Wedge, Polyester Fibre Wedge.Insulation Polyester Wedge,Dry Transformer Wedge,Transformer wedge.
Polyester fiber wedge is made from polyester yarn varnished with epoxy resin heating and pressurizing and curing.With high mechanical and dielectric performance. Widely used in transformers,rectifler and other electrical equipment as insulation material.
Temperature classification:B ,F,H grade.
Normal size:
I-bar: 8*10mm,6*6mm,6*8mm,5*10mm,6*10mm,8*8mm,10*10mm etc.
Riglet: 10*2mm,10*3mm,10*4mm,10*5mm,19*6mm,40*20mm etc.
Corner: :8*8mm,10*10mm,6*6mm etc.
Flat angle: 45*15*5mm,45*15*10mm
We can produce any sizes according client’s request

Polyester Wedge Test Report
Product Type and Name: H grade Polyester Wedge Standard:GB/T10064-2006
Manufacture:Sanmenxia Kind Ind.Trade Co.,LTD.         Test date: 16 Nov.2013

Serial number Item Unit Standard Result Remark
1 surface
Smooth surface,no bubble,top no crack,color uniform qualified
2 size mm 10*12*1000 qualified
3 Water absorbtion rate % ≤0.3 0.2
4 Tensile strength Mpa ≥235 236
5 Parallel to the layer insulation resistance normal Ω ≥1.0*1010 --
185°C 24h ≥1.0*1010
6 Surface resistance voltage
Kv ≥12 16
7 Thermal stability(180°C 5h)
No deformation,no crack,no bubble no significant change of color qualified
8 Bending strength Normal temperature Mpa 369 372
9 180°C 5h 310 320
10 Tensen strength Mpa ≥108 118
11 Low temperature resistance
No mechanical and electrical property change in -40°C environment qualified
12 Parallel to the layer breakdown voltage(in 90±2°C transformer oil) Kv ≥30 36
13 Scale of burning
v-0 v-0
14 Long-term heat resistance

Inspection instructions and conclusion: