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Laminated Compressed wood used for electrical insulation, 发布时间:2020-01-17 10:07:00
Laminated Compressed wood used for electrical insulation,Electrical Laminated Compressed Wood

Made of Maple birch,ribbed birch.
Widely used for insulation parts of the oill immersion transformer and inductors,and used as suppporting material.
It has virtues such as specific density,high mechanical strengh,easy vacuum drying,no bad inter-reaction with transformer oil,and easy to be mechanical processed.The dielectric constant is close to transformer oil,so it makes a reasonable insulating match,and it can be used in transformer oil of 105℃ for a long time.
It has been widely applied to produce components such as upper and lower pressure pieces,supporting beams,limbs,spacer blocks in oil-immersed transformers and clamps in inductors.This products can replace steel sheets,insulating sheets,epoxy paper sheets,epoxy glass fiber woven laminated sheets in these fileds,thus cutdown the weight and cost of transformers.
The raw material of electrical compressed laminated wood are high quality birch.After boiling,rotary cutting and drying,produced into veneers,then compress the veneer under high temperature with special glue.