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With the development of science and technology, especially the rapid development of the specialty printing industry, hot stamping, has become one of the most popular printing means. The unique printing effects can make up for the lack of other printing means, decoration has become a commonly used high-end merchandise, the printing process. Coupling agent to improve the mechanical properties of silicone rubber. And through the testing of the mechanical properties, the mechanical properties after aging tests, and thermal weight loss test, analysis of the operations and effects of the various compounding agents. However, the present traditional stamping copper, zincograph, stamping plane only and can not meet the demand of various shapes commodity stamping.
However, the mechanical properties of the silicone rubber as the operating temperature rises to change, its tensile strength, tear strength and elongation at break were decreased, and the higher the hardness, the more obvious the trend of performance degradation. Therefore a need to develop a high temperature (250 ° C), having a good resilience, and hardness can be controlled in ShoreA60, 70,80 and 90, and the elastic body of the process in good condition. We therefore chose to the silicone rubber as the material of the base body. The current commercially silicone rubber hardness up ShoreA70 If the hardness is further increased, then the mechanical properties decrease quickly. ShoreA70 a silicone rubber can not meet the stamping version hardness requirements.
The development of a high durometer silicone rubber material, to keep the good mechanical properties and heat resistance and rebound properties. Due to the increase in the hardness of the silicone rubber, it's the performance in varying degrees of decline. Therefore, the focus of the research work of the present papers include complexes of the silicone rubber compound; improve the heat resistance and elasticity; adding metal oxides improve silicone rubber heat resistance of the silicone rubber; replace fumed alumina soot pairs the Silastic performance.
Silastic special rubber is a synthetic rubber family occupies an important position due to its special structure and excellent performance. Silicone rubber key-based chain, compared with the general rubber skeleton CC bond is relatively stable due to the bond energy high and saturated reasons. It is precisely because of its unique structure, it has high resistance, low temperature, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, ozone, radiation resistance, weather, physiologically inert, high permeability, and excellent chemical performance of lubricants and other media inert and other properties, in particular, outstanding heat resistance and is known for its broad range of applications.