Introduction of performance common insulation materials 发布时间:2019-05-11 09:56:17

Introduction of performance common insulation materials

The common properties of insulating materials are introduced:
(1) Temperature
    As the temperature increases, and its resistivity is exponentially decreased. Cause - This is because when the temperature increases, the increased thermal motion of molecules, the average kinetic energy of the molecule increases, so that the kinetic energy of molecules reach the activation energy of the increased risk of ions easily migrated sake.
(2) Humidity
    - Insulation resistance with the humidity increases.
    Particularly significant influence on the porous material (such as paper), the resistance of the dielectric surface is very sensitive to the influence of its surface moisture.
    Electrical equipment, especially outdoor equipment, regularly check the equipment insulation resistance changes can prevent the occurrence of accidents.
(3) impurity
    - Impurities increase, the resistivity decreased
    Surface contamination by impurities and adsorbed moisture
    Conductive ion impurities within the dielectric directly increase
    Impurities are particularly vulnerable to mixed human polar material mix of people and can promote polar molecule dissociation