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epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets 发布时间:2019-06-09 10:25:00

Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets, laminate sheets ,Glass Epoxy Sheets.

used in Good fabrication characteristics make this material suitable for all electrical and electronic applications.switch panels, switch gear, and electrical applications requiring high temperature arc resistance properties.Thickness:0.3mm-110mm,size:1020*2020mm,1220*2020mm,1220*2470mm,color:yellow.
products through ISO 9001.UL,SGS certification.

Technology data
No Performance Unit Values
1 Vertical banding strength Mpa ≥340
2 Bending elastic modulus of appearance Mpa ≥24000
3 Vertical compression strength Mpa ≥350
4 Parallel shear strength Mpa ≥30
5 Peel strength Mpa ≥300
6 Parallel breakdown voltage (90±2°C OIL) kv ≥35
7 Comparative  creep age tracking index / ≥200
8 T1 long-term thermo stability / ≥130
9 Density g/cm³ 1.7~1.9

Properties Unit Grade:3240
Flexural strength
perpendicular to
≥MPa 340
Impact Strength
parallel to
≥kJ/m2 33
Resistance after
immersion in water (D-24/23)
≥MΩ 5.0×108
Dielectric strength
perpendicular to
(in 90±2℃
transformer oil,
1 mm in thickness)
≥kV/mm 14.2
Breakdown voltage
parallel to
(in 90±2℃
transformer oil)
≥kV 35
Permittivity (1MHz) 5.5
Dissipation factor (48-62Hz) 0.04
Dissipation factor (1MHz) 0.04
Water absorption
(D-24/23, 1.6mm in thickness)
≤mg 19
Density g/cm3 1.70-1.90
Flammability Class
Color yellow
Reference standard Q/TXXFR002-2009