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Electrical Cotton Tape( Plain Weave),Electrical Insulating Tape(Plain Weave), 发布时间:2019-05-16 10:13:56

Electrical Insulating Cambric Tape(Plain Weave), Electrical Cotton  Cloth Tape( Plain Weave),Cotton Tape (Tabby).Electrical Cotton Cloth belt(Plain Weave)
Cotton tape is made from pure cotton fiber and can be used for electric motors
Appliance etc.As binding material because of good mechanical strength and
Insulating quality. through ISO 9001.UL,SGS, RoHS certification
Two type weave: plain weave and twill weave.
Type 1: pure cotton.
Type2: 60%cotton and 40% polyester fibre.
1.Thickness:0.3mm.or according the requirement of clients.
2.Width:15mm,20mm,25mm. or according the requirement of clients.
3.Length:25m,50m. or according the requirement of clients.
4.Standard color:white