Polyester Resin impregnated fiberglass binding tape,unidirectional weftless tape,weftless bandage


Polyester  Resin impregnated fiberglass binding tape2830,2840,unidirectional weftless tape,weftless bandage.

Insulation polyester resin impregnated fiberglass binding tape, 2830, Impregnated Fiberglass binding tape consist of E-glass yarns prempregnated with a special thermosetting polyester resin,
Impregnated Fiberglass binding tape is pliable and tacky, web structure provides easy unwind without glass trands separation and overlapping.
 High tensile strength, high resistance to shock ,widely used for electrical motors, transformers.
class B,and class F,
Width: 10mm ,15mm ,20mm ,25mm ,30mm ,50mm.
Longth:100m,200m,250m per roll

                                                                  specification data
item index unit value
1 volatile content % ≤5
2 loss of weight at calcinations % 26% ± 2%
3 soluble resin content % 90
4 tensile strength before curing  N/cm
5 Maximum pull while binding N 400