How to make insulators fore

Order in the field of insulators in the country and even abroad to occupy the leading edge to stand out, you need to have the following conditions:
1. Have a profound high-voltage technology and equipment expertise.
In order to design a state-of-the-art technology, and economic reasonable and reliable insulator must first master the physical properties of various insulation materials under the electric field of electrical breakdown characteristics of its laws, especially in the strong electric field is particularly important. Secondly, the destruction of the insulator to decide on the role of the electric field strength in the top of it, the premise to meet the basic requirements of the electrical equipment, you should try to improve the insulation structure, so that the electric field distribution as uniform as possible. Can also improve the process in order to improve the dielectric strength. The final design should also be a good test methods, preventive inspection of the insulator and take preventive measures. To achieve the above points must have a a deep high voltage technology and equipment expertise.
2. Broad grasp of natural science knowledge
Insulator during the run, you need to have excellent electrical and mechanical properties, but also need to have sufficient chemical stability insulators long-term work in the outdoors, it also need the ability to have good resistance to thermal CML. With the development of UHV power grid, insulators higher and more complex requirements. Therefore glance insulators as if and humble, and in fact involves electrical machinery, engineering materials, polymer chemistry, solid state physics and other disciplines to do is easy to do a good job extremely difficult.
3. To comprehend the electromagnetic field distribution in the insulator has a profound
There are many domestic and foreign enterprises to the production of composite insulators, but the majority of enterprises, especially enterprises in China and not deeply aware of the master and to determine the electromagnetic field distribution in the composite insulators is related to the merits of the products extremely important. Electromagnetic field distribution in the insulator invisible, intangible, To better grasp of it, the need for deeper mathematics professional skills and high voltage, but also to fully grasp the application design software and skilled use of otherwise it is not experience its essence, it is impossible to be innovative products, only At present, the vast majority of the insulator manufacturers is in this state.
4. Have a wealth of practical experience
To develop truly innovative ideas, new products, and has a wealth of practical experience is essential. Conducting insulator design, you need to grasp the overall requirements of the equipment and its working conditions, the need for a comprehensive analysis of the electrical, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, aging, and other relevant requirements. In which the practical experience of the production is the link makes sense, based on my experience, many applications of the theory, many innovative ideas as well as many of the details with improvements in production practices burst out. Furthermore, to develop a novel insulator, need to have a voltage waveform of each portion of the insulator bear its amplitude, have to be aware of the corresponding mechanical loads, so these rely on theoretical analysis is not enough, and ultimately by experiment, rely on the practice, on the basis of these work in order to design the structure and size of the insulator, think outside the box to come out of the traditional insulators.
5. Have lead the new trend of domestic and foreign composite insulators do at home and abroad the leader in the field of composite insulators ambition
Power equipment, the generator is the power construction protagonist, transformers and switchgear are important equipment for power transmission project, the equipment of these products is huge, many parts require high standards of production tooling and testing equipment. In these areas, compared to China and advanced countries, there is a considerable gap between production prototype, large-scale production to die. In contrast, the composite insulators as if the humble little thing. Happens to it is the small things, so the structure is not very complex, so there is no need cutting-edge production equipment and testing techniques, that is, in this respect, the level of China's hardware is sufficient flat with foreign, and the remaining is how to play the Chinese Chi Ming intelligence in this regard, we will never worse than foreigners.
Over the years, some of the relevant foreign the composite insulators patent literature, such as a few hundred copies of the patent in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Canada, and China, they are almost invariably impossible to escape the traditional framework, therefore causing composite insulators, the consistency of the structure, domestic and foreign products over the years is a face, Is the structure of composite insulators is now such a face, Is the existing structure of the composite insulators is seamless?
5. To have the ability to get the the insulator latest information from abroad
Abroad, is the birthplace of the insulator, so far, has accumulated quite a lot of production and operating experience. Therefore, we can not sit idle, to be open-minded to learn foreign counterparts.