The composite insulators's introduction

  Composite insulators lead to pull products made ??of glass fiber epoxy rods, silicone rubber umbrella skirt, gold with three parts. The Silastic sheds overall pressure injection process, so as to solve the key issues affecting the reliability of composite insulators interface electrical breakdown. Glass rods with gold with lead to pull join the crimping process using the most advanced, with fully automatic acoustic flaw detection system, high strength, good looks, small size, light weight, the gold with galvanized anti-corrosion, with porcelain insulators mutual for use of the product structure is reliable, does not damage the mandrel, can give full play to its mechanical strength.
       Superior electrical properties, high mechanical strength, internal bearing epoxy glass lead to pull the rod anti-Zhang bending strength is 2 times higher than ordinary steel, high-strength ceramic materials 8 to 10 times, and improve the reliability of the safe operation of
       Good stain resistance, stain resistance, stain-resistant flash is powerful and strong, wet withstand voltage and filthy withstand voltage for the same climb from the porcelain insulator 2 to 2.5 times. And does not require cleaning, heavy pollution to safe operation. Small size, light weight (only the same voltage level porcelain insulator 1/6 to 1/9). Lightweight structure, easy to transport and install.
Silicone rubber sheds with good hydrophobic properties, to ensure that the overall structure within the insulation from moisture, without preventive insulation monitoring tests without cleaning to reduce the workload of the routine maintenance.
Good sealing performance, the ability of resistance to galvanic corrosion, sheds material resistant to leakage from the the mark reached TMA4.5 level, with good resistance to aging, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, suitable for -40 ℃ ~ -50 ℃ regions.
Has a strong impact resistance and shock resistance, good anti-brittle and creep resistance, not broken, the resistance to bending and torsional strength to withstand the internal pressure, explosion-proof and strong, and porcelain and glass insulators swap role.
Composite insulator products, mechanical and electrical performance are better than porcelain insulators, run a large margin of safety, power lines update products.