The fierce competition of the market of low-voltage contacto

In the development of the industry in the electrical, low voltage contactor as the traditional low-voltage electrical products, has been very mature. Sufficient market demand has spawned a number of manufacturers of low voltage contactor. Companies want to enter the low-voltage contactor market and benefit from, the mainland low voltage contactor market full understanding, including major should.
Low voltage contactor as traditional low-voltage electrical products, has been very mature. Low voltage contactor product itself is not complicated manufacturing process, relatively low-tech, plus plenty of market demand, and gave birth to a large number of manufacturers of low voltage contactor; different load current low voltage contactor showed price obvious difference, the price covers the range from a dozen to a few thousand dollars. Companies want to enter the low-voltage contactor market and benefit from a full understanding, including the main application industries, each industry chain, the potential of the industry, such as the mainland low voltage contactor market.
According to the latest survey report JFUnited Consulting Co., Ltd. (JFUnited) low-voltage contactor of the Chinese mainland market research report "2008: lower barriers to entry, lower brand concentration, market demand and good market prospects The positive factors for investment in low-voltage contactor market; With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, product homogeneity, narrow profit margins, investors have to consider important factors.
In the report, JFUnited studied electrical, mechanical, petrochemical, metallurgy, rail transportation and other low-voltage contactor subdivision application market, the analysis of the industrial chain, and the subdivision application market, and from the market The degree of concentration, price competition and other aspects pointed out above the competition of the market segments; same time, the report also enterprise market share from brands, channels, logistics, focus on market segments targeted analysis.
JFUnited survey report shows: low voltage contactor market size of the Chinese mainland in 2007 reached 47.6 billion yuan, and maintain good growth momentum in the next few years. The main application of the low voltage contactor concentrated in two major areas of mechanical, electrical, accounting for 72.5% of total sales; these two industries have also maintained a rapid growth momentum, therefore, in the field of electrical and mechanical occupies resources is more emphasis on the work of major enterprises.
Low voltage contactor market concentration is not high, especially in the low-end product market. . Schneider currently occupy a larger market share (about 10%), low-voltage contactor in the mainland market, and in less than 7% of the market share of other enterprises. The top five companies account for only 35.1% of the market's total capacity to share the remaining 64.9% were numerous manufacturers of low voltage contactor.
A large part of the continent low voltage contactor purchased by low-pressure equipment manufacturers, and these companies are more sensitive to price. Therefore the the mainland low voltage contactors market prices generally low. Mainland in the high-end market for low-voltage contactor basic foreign brands occupy continent most of the company's products are targeted at the low end of the market, the competition is fierce. However, the overall market competition intensifies and can not cover up the increase of the growth of certain market segments, the benefits to the enterprise. Low voltage contactor subdivision application industry is a traditional industry, the development of these industries is a prerequisite for the development of low-voltage contactor market. Low voltage contactor market by the demand for the development of the industry's impact.
Report, JFUnited low voltage contactor overall market and major subdivision application market supply and demand do the in-depth analysis. The rapid growth of installed power generation capacity, the substantial increase of the production of mechanical products, petrochemical and metallurgical investment growth have an impact on the future growth of the low-voltage contactor. From the the subdivision application market for electrical, mechanical, petrochemical, metallurgy, rail transportation and other fields show different characteristics of procurement, this is the low voltage contactor manufacturers to be firm in the competition and increase market share to seize The focus of enterprises, but also new entrants must master.
Now, the low voltage contactor has been very mature, low voltage contactor market enterprise was established in the 1990s, or to enter the Chinese mainland, and accounted for most of the market share, have strong strength in these enterprises. But this does not mean that new entrants would be no chance of survival, in the surveyed enterprises still have to enter the market in recent years, and get better performance enterprise; these enterprises is the discovery and seize potential market demand for low-voltage contactor obtained successfully. , Low voltage contactor little difference, most manufacturers of products can be interchangeable, so seize the the subdivision application industry needs is an important way for enterprises to expand their market share.
    Intense competition in the market of low-voltage contactors can also promote the comprehensive development of the market as a whole, so the faster development of the electrical industry.