The history of the development of insulating materials

 Having a good electrical insulation or thermal insulation material. The thermal insulating material, also known as heat insulating material. The insulating materials refers to an electrically insulating material, the electrical conductivity of approximately 10-10 West / m. According to the needs of different electrical products, but also from the energy storage, heat, cooling, interrupter, moisture, mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-irradiation, mechanical support, and fixed to protect the role of the conductor, etc..
     The earliest use of the insulating material is cotton, silk, mica, rubber, and other natural products. 1930s, synthetic insulating materials the rapid development of various synthetic resins, plastics, has for the electrical field, electrical products manufacturing motors and high-and low-voltage electrical capacity continues to expand, the volume gradually reduced, so as to promote electrical and electronic technology development.